About body to body massage and boosting sexual confidence

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When we think about a body to body massage type and what it implies, rarely we think about confidence. It’s that thing – sexually speaking – that very few are blessed with and more others only wish they had.

Society, during its evolution, made one thing possible: through boundaries of religion and culture, sex and anything related to it gained the “taboo” label. This does nothing else but bringing anxiety to people engaging in something erotic or sexual. This limits the pleasure and the orgasmic experience, and when it happens on a regular basis sexual confidence is affected.

What is a body to body massage and how does it boost sexual confidence?

First things first. A body to body massage is a special type of erotic massage that one can enjoy in an erotic massage salon. It is performed by a specially trained masseuse that uses her own body to massage the client. With the surface of her soft skin, with her sensual curves and using her body weight she will pleasure the client and release all the tension from his body or his mind.

The body to body massage is performed naked or at least semi naked, because clothes only get in the way of the massage, inhibiting the sensuality. That is exactly the thing that needs to get out of the picture, so that sexual confidence gets a boost.

As naked skin feels best when sliding along more naked skin, the client will feel the body of the masseuse sensually sliding along his, with every inch of skin touching his own.

In order to get the full benefits of a body to body massage, including the boost of sexual confidence, here are a few tips for the receivers. Even if at first you don’t have much of it, with regular sessions that can be corrected and surpassed.

If the receiver feels nervous, it will be hard for him to feel aroused and fully enjoy the experience. So every bad thought, every worry must be put aside. Here are a few tips one can use for the most pleasant body to body massage experience:

  • Learn to feel – that implies to teach how to feel using all the senses, by slowing down and focusing the mind only on that specific moment.
  • Knowing your own body, but also your partner’s – this will let you know where the touch has the most exciting effect, how the touch must be made and the way it turns the other on.
  • Communication is the key – as always, the secret of success is offering feedback. Either verbal, either by sounds of pleasure, the partner must find a way to know if the things done to the other are pleasant.
  • Establish a connection – with all of the above checked, you will feel a connection between you and your partner. The stronger the connection gets, the more pleasant and satisfying the experience will be.

Anyone can become more connected to it’s sensual side and fulfill the task of improving its sexual confidence. The secret is exploring, and the body to body massage is the best way to do it.


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